Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cool Links (or at least I think so)

This first site is a company that lets you hold a "Contest" to get your new company logo, website design, branding, etc. A really cool concept and worth a look if you have the funds to get going on your Next Big Thing! It will never take the place of an ad agency or anything but really does open up you idea to the world with the power of the Internet.

While I am a photographer, I am not afraid to look at and promote another Photographer (even in Indianapolis) if there work is worthy. Considering his young age (and my old age), this guy is really really good and I've had the great opportunity to learn a few things from him recently. With that said, be sure to check out Marc Lebryk from Indianapolis

Last in today's links is Red Bull Stratos! If anyone knows me, you know that I have been to, worked for and shot a lot of photos at Red Bull events all over the country (Indianapolis, Chicago, Alaska, Detroit). Through business and friendship, I have been able to do attend these events (Thank you James Newton) and while I would like to attend this event, I can't. Well.. no one can really. You can see it online but you cant go because it will take place in Space. Yes, outer space, way up friggin high. I urge you to take 10 minutes on your break and check this out. It will be well worth the 10 minutes you spend on your companies dime ( and high speed Internet ).

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