Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care Reform

As I sit and listen to the Health Care Reform Summit on TV, I cannot help but wonder where some of these people live? They obviously don't live in the United States because if they did, they were be there working on Solutions and not going on and on about what they disagree about.

The White House, the Senate and House need to figure it out and get SOMETHING done!

Ok... I feel better now


This is a very long video by Keith Olbermann regarding his father and Health Care. No matter your political isle, please take a moment to listen. The video is almost 14 minutes long. Humor me and listen to the entire thing, please!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cool Links (or at least I think so)

This first site is a company that lets you hold a "Contest" to get your new company logo, website design, branding, etc. A really cool concept and worth a look if you have the funds to get going on your Next Big Thing! It will never take the place of an ad agency or anything but really does open up you idea to the world with the power of the Internet.

While I am a photographer, I am not afraid to look at and promote another Photographer (even in Indianapolis) if there work is worthy. Considering his young age (and my old age), this guy is really really good and I've had the great opportunity to learn a few things from him recently. With that said, be sure to check out Marc Lebryk from Indianapolis

Last in today's links is Red Bull Stratos! If anyone knows me, you know that I have been to, worked for and shot a lot of photos at Red Bull events all over the country (Indianapolis, Chicago, Alaska, Detroit). Through business and friendship, I have been able to do attend these events (Thank you James Newton) and while I would like to attend this event, I can't. Well.. no one can really. You can see it online but you cant go because it will take place in Space. Yes, outer space, way up friggin high. I urge you to take 10 minutes on your break and check this out. It will be well worth the 10 minutes you spend on your companies dime ( and high speed Internet ).

Some of my Photography!

As I start this blog, I guess I should share some of my Photography since that's what I'm attempting to do for a living...

My photo of "Sunset at Eagle Creek" is one that I'm most proud of. It was recently published in the coffee table book "Capture Indy" produced with help from the Indianapolis Star. Look for more as time goes on.

Most of all, please leave a comment, feedback or just general "photo love" if you will! To view more of my work, visit my website at or my page at

Things I learned in Sales

Yes, I was in Sales for many years as some of you know. Hotel Rooms, Catering and Restaurant Sales. In all the years I was in Sales, I learned a few things and now, it's time to share with the world all I learned... because it's a shame to keep all of this stuff inside!

So here it goes:

· Breakfast Pizza is where it’s at Joe! Take your customers Breakfast Pizza; it’s better than cookies any day of the week, trust me!

· Most of your meeting planners are Men Joe… They like breakfast pizza, not cookies!

· Well we don’t have to tell the customer THAT happened Joe!

· Give the customer ________ charge them $_____ and we will make good money on it and they will never know and we look like the Hero!

· Go to Costco and buy the really nice tin of Biscotti and take that to your clients. When you do, put a sign on it with your hotel logo. It will last for weeks, be a reminder and is way better than cookies. Plus, it’s really cheap. I give them as Christmas presents all the time!

· If ________ can book $20,000 a week in business, why can’t you?

· This is our price, it’s out busy time, no discounts…but don’t let them get away, we need the business, see what you can do!

· If they discover they can get it cheaper by ordering off the menu, tell them they can’t because they are a large party

· You can say it that way.. but try this. The corporate office will never know

· Good Evening Mr. ________! I’m so sorry to tell you that we do not have a room available tonight as we have had more people show up than anticipated but we have a deal for you…you and your new Bride, congratulations by the way, she looks beautiful tonight ….are going across the street to the ______ Hotel where we will take you over in our hotel limousine, pay for your nights stay, give you a free long distance call (this was way before Cell phones) to call your loved ones, buy you breakfast in the morning AND if we have a room in the morning, bring you back in the limousine and put you up here but if we are still full we will pay for your night over there is that going to be ok? (taking a deep breath)

· If the noise is too loud, tell them we have a sound machine down here the front desk for them to drown out the noise

· Well it’s going to cost too much to fix that. Let’s see what else we can do

· If the guest can’t see it, we’re not going to fix it.. right now!

· Book Something.. Just book SOMETHING!


Welcome to my blog.. everyone is doing it, I've resisted but can no longer. I'll speak of Politics, Customer Service, Restaurants Reviews, Cool Links, Photography, My Wife, Our Pets and who knows what else I will think of. So with that in mind, look out world, I'm here!