Saturday, December 11, 2010

What a Woman Wants!

As some of you know, I am in the process of getting a divorce. Being 47 (soon to be 48) there comes a point and time in your life (well, mine anyway) where your priorities change. At this point, the divorce isn't event final but we are on our way. Actually I'm wondering what she wants for our upcoming Wedding Anniversary; she has everything she needs; The Condo, Divorce Papers and a new Boyfriend.

With that said, I just want to find a woman who wants to drink cheap wine and have some good conversation. Seriously, that's all! We can talk Politics, Auto Racing, Sports, Travel...anything besides how horrible my life is because there are a lot of people worse off than myself. And besides, to talk about the horrible my life is, we will need 3 bottles of wine and you really don't want to see that! :)

So I got on a certain dating site and was looking around and what did I find? I found THE woman I want to marry, tomorrow, today even.. oh hell, let's head off to Las Vegas and get hitched this afternoon. I have found wife #4!!

Here is what her Personal Ad said... (you can't make this stuff up) My guess is she will not find what she is looking for. Actually, she is more than likely to find a Woman before she ever finds a Man. (See my commentary below)

just looking. not into players or head games. is there any good ones left? nothing else to say right now. My Next Boyfriend… 1. …will not cheat on me. 2. …will recycle, donate to a cause, volunteer, and otherwise be a contributing member to society’s well-being. 3. …won’t put others down to make himself feel better. 4. …will treat everyone with respect. 5. …will have a job. 6. …will not smoke pot. 7. …will talk when the need arises versus trying to put it off until later. 8. …will not watch ESPN endlessly. 9. …will not judge me for watching bad TV. 10. …will not be jealous of my gay best friend. 11. …will not want to spend every waking second with me. 12. …will call and not text. 13. …will be tall. 14. …will be emotionally mature, available, and evolved. 15. …will not wear a cell phone holster. 16. …will know how to manage his money. 17. …will not be vain. 18. …will ask me how I’m doing and how my day was and actually care. 19. …will be content sometimes to spend the whole day in bed watching movies and eating takeout. 20. …will compliment me every now and then, especially when I’ve made an effort to look nice for a night out. 21. …will not be an alcoholic. 22. …will have goals, dreams, and the drive to achieve them. 23. …will understand that ‘No’ means ‘No.’ 24. …will know how to do his own laundry. 25. …will text or call just to say ‘Hi.’ 26. …will not live across the country. 27. …will consider a long distance relationship if he has to move away. 28. …will be interested in culture, music, art, and travel. 29. …will have read a book since high school. 30. …will not snore…much. 31. …will tell the truth. 32. …will be open-minded and non-judgmental of others. 33. …will put as much effort forth to find out about my day as I did about his. 34. …will learn how to communicate like an adult. 35. …will actually enjoying spending time with me. 36. …will be crazy about me as much as I will be about him. 37. …will not make me feel dumb or childish. 38. …will appreciate the art of foreplay. 39. …will not try to teach me when I didn’t ask to be taught. 40. …will wear plaid well. 41. …will want to go to sleep at night with me, and wake up beside me in the mornings, not on the couch. 42. …will have sex with his eyes open, most of the time. 43. …will appreciate my efforts to try new things. 44. …will talk to me when something bothers him. 45. …will love me for me—faults, imperfections and all—and love me all the more for them. 46. …will continually surprise me. 47. …will lovingly accept my neurosis. 48. …will have the ‘we’ team mentality. 49. …will stay with me through joy and pain. 50. …will have a backbone in the relationship and not be afraid to tell me ‘no.’ 51. …will be a great kisser. 52. …will have a great sense of humor, but know when to be serious. 53. …will be more passionate in random moments. 54. …will know who he is as a person and be honest about that. 55. …will think I’m HOT, not just cute. 56. …will treat me as well as my friends do. 57. …will be able to laugh at himself. 58. …will have a regular sized temper than does not super-size itself randomly. 59. …will kiss me passionately every once and a while. 60. …will give me space. 61. …will not have a fixation with his ex. 62. …will not make me feel like I’m only second best. 63. …will be able to think more than two day in the future. 64. …will not go to bed at 9:30 pm. 65. …will have a good spiritual connection, but not enough to make me think he may want to be a priest. 66. …will want a family. 67. …will know what a commitment is and follow up that knowledge with actions that support it. 68. …will understand that relationships aren’t all perfect, and that sometimes fighting can resolve difficult issues. 69. …will like going out on a week night sometimes, rather than just watching TV.

5. I'm out of the running by the time we get here!

11. Oh trust me, this wont happen!

12. She would hate me by now :)

13. I'm only 5'7", I should have stopped reading a while ago

15. Third strike, I'm way out of her league!

25. Doesn't this contradict #12? She told me not too, now I can! Huh?

27. If I move away from you, it's for a reason sweetheart

40. Oh HELL NO!

42. Do you mean I have to look at you ALL of the time?

51. Got you covered here Sweetheart, really, I do!

55. I'd have to see you first to make a decision on this one!

60. So what do you want here, a dog or a boyfriend?

64. Sorry, sometimes this will happen, I'm almost 48 lady!

65. After spending time with you, I may WANT to be a Priest!

Why did she write 69 of these? Couldn't she go to 70 or stop at 68? Really!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Changes at IMS and the IRL..

Changes at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway... Tickets available on Ticketmaster, General Admission Tickets for the Brickyard 400, Bringing back the Snakepit, giving thanks to long time ticket holders, working to bring new fans to the Indy 500, doing a Hometown Tour to promote the Indy 500, looking for a new affordable Car for the IZOD Indy Racing League, hiring Randy Bernard who knows Media and Promotion but knows nothing about the IRL...a fresh set of eyes.

Looking back but moving forward in my opinion is a good thing and great for the City of Indianapolis in my opinion!

Random Thoughts....

Did the Indianapolis Colts know more about Marvin Harrison when the let him go? It just seems odd that #88 has disappeared from the conversation in Indy except when he is pulled over in Philly!

Monday, March 8, 2010

How to Fix Health Care, Washington and the Process!

I have a great way to help out with the Republicans & Democrats when it comes to the debate on Health Care..and many other items of discussion for that fact. It seems simple and some what radical but I guarantee that we could have the issues concerning Health Care take care of in the time it takes you to fly from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles.

I have a great way to fix Health Care, Washington and the Process and it goes like this.

Get a plane that is good enough to fly from D.C. to Los Angeles, fuel it up with enough to get it there but no more. Load the plane up with equal members of both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate. Put them in the plane with and agenda to come up with a fix for Health Care that everyone can agree on.

In the time it takes to fly from D.C. to Los Angeles, you must fix it or the pilots who have parachutes jump out, leaving the rest behind and the plane goes down in the Pacific Ocean.

If the plane goes down, we know they couldn't get it together or get it done in time to tell the pilots "We have a deal, land the plane". If they land, we have a deal on Health Care, go back and present and vote and we have true bi partisan support.

If the plan crashed into the Pacific Ocean, we load up another plane and try it again until something happens.

This would solve a lot of problems, get Health Care Reform taken care of AND get us talking about other issues such as the economy, the environment, job creation, transportation, energy, war in Iraq and Afghanistan and many other issues.

My hope is that we would finally get something done in Washington, D.C. by creating one heck of a sense of urgency! No lobbyist, no FOX News, CNN or MSNBC Poll to sway them, no phone calls, Blackberry's or IPhone's, nothing; just politicians, paper and pen and enough fuel to make something happen.

This is in my opinion a great way to fix Washington and the process to get something done..once and for all!

Do you have a better idea?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care Reform

As I sit and listen to the Health Care Reform Summit on TV, I cannot help but wonder where some of these people live? They obviously don't live in the United States because if they did, they were be there working on Solutions and not going on and on about what they disagree about.

The White House, the Senate and House need to figure it out and get SOMETHING done!

Ok... I feel better now


This is a very long video by Keith Olbermann regarding his father and Health Care. No matter your political isle, please take a moment to listen. The video is almost 14 minutes long. Humor me and listen to the entire thing, please!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cool Links (or at least I think so)

This first site is a company that lets you hold a "Contest" to get your new company logo, website design, branding, etc. A really cool concept and worth a look if you have the funds to get going on your Next Big Thing! It will never take the place of an ad agency or anything but really does open up you idea to the world with the power of the Internet.

While I am a photographer, I am not afraid to look at and promote another Photographer (even in Indianapolis) if there work is worthy. Considering his young age (and my old age), this guy is really really good and I've had the great opportunity to learn a few things from him recently. With that said, be sure to check out Marc Lebryk from Indianapolis

Last in today's links is Red Bull Stratos! If anyone knows me, you know that I have been to, worked for and shot a lot of photos at Red Bull events all over the country (Indianapolis, Chicago, Alaska, Detroit). Through business and friendship, I have been able to do attend these events (Thank you James Newton) and while I would like to attend this event, I can't. Well.. no one can really. You can see it online but you cant go because it will take place in Space. Yes, outer space, way up friggin high. I urge you to take 10 minutes on your break and check this out. It will be well worth the 10 minutes you spend on your companies dime ( and high speed Internet ).

Some of my Photography!

As I start this blog, I guess I should share some of my Photography since that's what I'm attempting to do for a living...

My photo of "Sunset at Eagle Creek" is one that I'm most proud of. It was recently published in the coffee table book "Capture Indy" produced with help from the Indianapolis Star. Look for more as time goes on.

Most of all, please leave a comment, feedback or just general "photo love" if you will! To view more of my work, visit my website at or my page at