Monday, March 8, 2010

How to Fix Health Care, Washington and the Process!

I have a great way to help out with the Republicans & Democrats when it comes to the debate on Health Care..and many other items of discussion for that fact. It seems simple and some what radical but I guarantee that we could have the issues concerning Health Care take care of in the time it takes you to fly from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles.

I have a great way to fix Health Care, Washington and the Process and it goes like this.

Get a plane that is good enough to fly from D.C. to Los Angeles, fuel it up with enough to get it there but no more. Load the plane up with equal members of both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate. Put them in the plane with and agenda to come up with a fix for Health Care that everyone can agree on.

In the time it takes to fly from D.C. to Los Angeles, you must fix it or the pilots who have parachutes jump out, leaving the rest behind and the plane goes down in the Pacific Ocean.

If the plane goes down, we know they couldn't get it together or get it done in time to tell the pilots "We have a deal, land the plane". If they land, we have a deal on Health Care, go back and present and vote and we have true bi partisan support.

If the plan crashed into the Pacific Ocean, we load up another plane and try it again until something happens.

This would solve a lot of problems, get Health Care Reform taken care of AND get us talking about other issues such as the economy, the environment, job creation, transportation, energy, war in Iraq and Afghanistan and many other issues.

My hope is that we would finally get something done in Washington, D.C. by creating one heck of a sense of urgency! No lobbyist, no FOX News, CNN or MSNBC Poll to sway them, no phone calls, Blackberry's or IPhone's, nothing; just politicians, paper and pen and enough fuel to make something happen.

This is in my opinion a great way to fix Washington and the process to get something done..once and for all!

Do you have a better idea?

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